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Enterprise Challenge

Enterprise Challenge is a programme that is being targeted to young persons between the ages of 11 -16.  We will be working with social groups and other community groups to introduce this team-based business simulation to provide an opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and business start-up.

Explore Enterprise

Explore Enterprise seeking to provide persons between 16 -25 with the information they need to make the decision between self-employment and employee.  It explores the pros and cons  of each in an interactive 4-days sessions.  Participants are provided with all the support needed, including progression mentoring, to get to a decision.

The Launch Your Business Series

Launch Your Business Series (ages of 18 and 35) – Assist persons with an ideas or new start-ups to structure their ideas and plans into implementable businesses.  Our training program utilizes entrepreneurial theories designed to support a young entrepreneur in crafting a new business idea, evaluating an existing idea, testing the idea on the market and creating a product or service that best fits what the target customer needs.

The social enterprise incubator

The social enterprise incubator is aimed at supporting young businesses that are set up to meet a need and generate social impact.  The SEI will provide these business with training and support to grow their businesses noting that these businesses are unique in the way they operate.

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Mentoring (Progression)

Progression Mentoring – a structure programme to assist young persons through their transition periods

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring  – A programme of support for young persons who are starting or growing their businesses

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akademische ghostwriter