The Trust attracts young people who have a sound business idea and sufficient personal qualities, business training and evidence of abilities to succeed.  Equally the Trust will refer away from entrepreneurship into employment, those young people who seem not to possess the qualities to be successful business owners.


The Trust offers a co-ordinated, comprehensive programme to assist young persons to develop the skills, attitudes and access resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs.  The programme will serve youth ages 18-35, which includes the physically challenged.


Barbados Youth Business Trust has a much broader role to play than solely business start-up credit as it also acts as a vehicle to promote, support and encourage the advancement of education of young people within Barbados who are in need of developing skills leading to self-employment.  



The Barbados Youth Business Trust’s entrepreneurship programme is a private sector initiative made possible through a partnership with the voluntary sector and together provides start-up capital, business mentoring, networking, advisory and marketing support services to encourage a new generation of young Barbadian entrepreneurs.

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